Mailboxes & Parcel Depot

Big or Small… we ship it all!


Come in and see us for any of your packing needs!


Mailboxes & Parcel Depot provides a multitude of packaging services from Custom Box Building, Specialized Packing Materials, and a large selection of Packing Supplies.


Packing supplies we carry in-stock include:

  • Large Bubble Wrap 

  • Small Bubble Wrap

  • Packing Peanuts

  • Styrofoam

  • 2″ and 3″ Packing Tape

  • Bubble Bags

  • Photo Mailers

  • DVD/CD & Video Mailers

  • Large & Small Mailing Tubes

  • Coolers & Ice Packs for Perishable Items

  • Estate Packaging

  • Padded Envelopes or Non-Padded Envelopes

  • Carrier Supplied Packaging

  • Plus a Large Selection of Assorted Boxes 


Store Information:
3557 North Newton Street
Jasper, Indiana 47546
Phone: (812) 482-SHIP (7447)

Hours of Operations:


Saturday: closed for now, except by appointment.


Carrier Pick Up Times:

UPS 3:45PM
FedEx Ground    3:00PM
FedEx Express 3:45PM